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TCGX.wiki - Trading Card Games Exchange. We sell Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, Dragon Ball and Yu-Gi-Oh! trading cards online.

Our Trading Cards and collectibles are stored in a secure and dry location to ensure the quality of our Trading Cards.

We provide close-up photos of our trading cards, and accurate descriptions. We prefer English cards, however if any card differentiates from English we will state the correct language in the card’s description. We use common terms for defining a card’s quality as seen below.

Mint (MT)A card with four sharp corners, 50/50 centering, no imperfections or signs of wear. Even cards straight out of the pack do not always grade mint.
Near Mint (NM)A near-perfect card with perhaps one minor imperfection, such as one blunt corner. Centering is no worse than 60/40 and the card must have its original gloss.
Excellent - NM (EX-NM)A card with only two or three minor imperfections. Must have original gloss and centering no worse than 70/30.
Good - Excellent (EX)A card with a few minor imperfections. Some original gloss is lost and the edges show moderate wear. All four corners typically show some wear. Centering is no worse than 75/25.
Light Played (LP)A card that shows obvious handling but is still attractive despite wear and imperfections. A VG card may have a crease, but one that's not severe enough to make the card unattractive.
Played (P), Fair (F), Poor (P)A very worn card with many major imperfections. Collectors use cards of these grades as fillers until better ones can be found.

Trading Cards

We offer a very large collection Pokemon, Dragon Ball, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Magic the Gathering trading cards. Over 10.000 different trading cards in stock. Looking for a specific trading card but can't find it? Please feel free to contact us anytime.

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